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kimsclips's Journal

Kim's Clips
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Welcome to kimsclips Here i will be posting Clips from Various show. I would ask if people can they post links to sites that they get clips from.

The clips will change regulary sometimes once a week sometimes more often there will be new links. There is a place to request clips for music videos sometimes evern possible for Screen Caps.

Regularry i will update each week with Alias Clips the newer episodes.


  1. Make sure your posts are friends locked.

  2. Please don't request too many clips at a time.

  3. Please Share resources, From upload sites to programs.

  4. Please don't abuse others.

  5. Please post Request in the Request Post.

  6. If you can fill request please post Replies to peoples posts.

I will leave posts open for one day, and then i will close them after wards.